FAQs about Buying a Home

Everyone’s first question for us is “What’s the difference between your firm and a traditional one like Allen Tate, Coldwell Banker, etc?”
The second question is “What’s the catch?” and the last is usually “Where do I sign up?” We’ve tried to answer all your questions here so read on.

FAQs about Buying a Home

I am thinking about buying a home, where do I start?


The first thing to do is to get in touch w/ a lender and let them know you want to buy a home.  The lender will need some basic information in order to let you know how much you can afford and what mortgage loan you qualify for based on the following information: Your annual income, amount of cash for down payment, credit card balance(s), other loan balance(s), school loans, and other info that affects your income. The lender will need to pull your credit and then can give you an idea of the price range in which you can buy. Hunt for Homes offers a select list of trusted lenders that we work with closely and know will take great care of you if you need a recommendation.


Do I have to talk to a lender first, can’t I just go look at some homes?


It is best for you to speak w/ a lender and get a pre-qualification letter first.  Many sellers will ask for and expect to see your pre-qualification letter, especially if you make an offer on a home.  A pre-qualification also tells your agent and the seller that you are serious and have taken the proper steps to buy a home.


How much does it cost to get a pre-qualification?


There is no fee to speak with a lender and get a pre-qual letter.  You are also not bound or tied to that particular lender and have the right to seek other loan programs and mortgage rates that suit your specific needs.


Do you only show me your listings?


Absolutely NOT!!! I have access to every listing (new or resale) in the Triangle and surrounding area, no matter who the listing/sellers agent is.  I always remind my buyer clients that if you go to visit a new home community or an open house to please let the sellers agent know that you have buyer representation already (that’s me!) This will keep those agents from hounding you and will, instead, hound me. 😉


Can You Show Me A For Sale By Owner Listing?


Absolutely yes!  If you see a home listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) just let me know the address and phone number listed, so I can arrange a private showing and make sure the seller is planing to work with a cooperating agent and pay the commission.


What is the process of buying a home?


The process of buying a home involves many steps and can sometimes be a daunting task.  That is why we always harp to consumers about utilizing the FREE service of a buyers agent/buyer representation.  We, as your agent, are there to protect you, guide you, educate you and make the home buying process a smooth process.  Please see the attached overview of the home buying process.  I also always go over this process in detail at our initial buyer consultation and answer any questions you have.


Click Here to see an overview of the step by step process of buying a home


Can I work with other agents along with you?


It is in your best interest to work exclusively with one agent (and that would be me, of course) 😉


Some things to keep in mind are:

1.  My service to you, as your buyers agent, is FREE!

2.  We have something in common and that is our goal to find you a special home and help you buy it. You have needs and criteria for that special home and I only get paid when you close on your new home.  I am not paid hourly or by salary, I am a self employed REALTOR and this is my full time job.  All of my time, guidance, assistance and commitment to you is FREE!

3. I have access to every listing that is listing in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service (TMLS)

4.  When you call the agent listed on the for sale sign, that agent is the listing agent and represents the seller and has the sellers best interests in mind.  If you end of viewing that home with that agent, and end up making an offer on that particular home, whatever information you shared with the agent will be shared with the seller. This could potentially put you and your offer in a precarious position and may end up costing you more money that you really wanted to spend.


How long does the process take?


Depending on the level of your motivation (and factors affecting your reason for buying)  you could find a home and close on it well under 60 days, that is if you are focused and intentional on the end result. Because our agents are so seasoned and knowledgeable about the market and the tools to use, we can help narrow your choices down to the best options available to you by listening and applying the criteria accordingly. It is not rare to have our buyers find their home the very first visit out!!  And typically, within the first couple meetings and between 6-9 properties we visit, you will find the right home.